It’s hard to believe that I am half way through the wedding season of 2019. Weddings so far this year have had the most relaxed feel to them. It seems to be that most couples like them captured as natural as possible. This is such a lovely way to have your wedding documented. The pressure is off and it paves the way for a fantastic day of celebrations!

Taking it back to May and the wedding of Kieran and Hayley, we sit going over the plans for the big day. It’s clear from the start that they want it as a celebration, filled completely with love and laughter with everyone they love dearly.

The wedding day began completely relaxed, tea’s being made with an atmosphere of a great family unit. The young bridesmaids Katie and Jessica were incredibly helpful with gathering items of the brides for me to photograph, along with a very helpful MOH Alice. Hayley is a prison officer and said it herself make up and hair isn’t her thing, but wow did she look beautiful. Keeping true to herself and having just enough for that bridal touch. I can’t not mention our incredible teamwork effort to have the ring on the paw of a very cute pooch!

The absence of many family members who sadly weren’t with us laid heavy on the hearts of this wedding, but everyone was remembered and honoured beautifully.

A vibrant red bus was the transport of the day, which the family and friends loved.

Incorporating their love of travel with small detail of London and Greece, its so wonderful to share some memories with our couple. The room was a beautiful and colourful tribute to our new Mr and Mrs.

Blue skies and warm temperatures set the tone for the day, we knew we would be taking advantage of the lovely May weather by having lots of outside time and space at the picturesque Greetham Valley Golf Course has to offer.

We held out as long as possible for a sunset but the clouds just didn’t want to leave. We did manage to get the sun as it was leaving us. Always a bonus to have a colourful sky. However nothing could have made this any less of an amazing day!

Kieran and Hayley, keep being epic, and set your sights on keeping the love of travel going. Keep partying hard, and loving each other the way you do.

Love Michelle and Lucy.