The First of 2019

Its always a great honour being asked to photograph the wedding of someone you know, but its always extra special when its family.

When 2018 came to an end, I felt sadness having to put the camera down for a while, like my own little spot of neglect. Thankfully that was not to last very long. A few weeks into the cold of 2019, and we had arrived at the big day of my beautiful cousin Dawn, and her lovely Fiancé Mike.

The sky was an electric blue, the sun was shining and the wind was keeping us on our toes as to whether we could have photographs in the charming winter gardens of The William Cecil. Spending the morning with my two cousins and their Mum, my Auntie Karen, along with Mikes lovely daughter Hannah, was really lovely. I felt like I was joining in the celebrations too. I felt right at home as bucks fizz was sipped from the spout of a sugar and teapot. Well, sometimes you just have to improvise! And Julie …Im sure you’ve done that before!

Downstairs away from the teapot bubbles of room 14, the warm and welcoming William Cecil began to fill up nicely with family and friends. So smartly dressed, guests came from all over, Peterborough, Manchester and some even as far as Ireland, with a touch of the Irish being felt within the wedding detailing. The shamrock green finishes throughout, Julies dress, the hanging paper lanterns in the reception room, and a particularly pretty broach with glistening green gemstones pinned to Dawns bridal jacket that belonged to her Nan. The garter carried the Celtic green, a lasting tribute to our grandad Jimmy.

Keeping the balance between taking photographs and greeting my family with kisses and catch ups, I threw myself into helping the Grooms party with their button holes. I think this is now a firm tradition in my line of duty as a photographer. And I am always of course, more than happy to help.

The ceremony was beautiful, Dawn needn’t have worried so much about not smiling. Its safe to say she was quite a nervous bride about this part of the day. Gently walking down the white petal laid aisle, our stunning bride was beaming from ear to ear. Full of emotion as she married her soulmate. A Miss Hall no more, we had our Husband and Wife.

Confetti showered Mr and Mrs Hope, our newlyweds, thanks to the mad dash around the local town of Stamford for a few boxes to throw. (Thank you Stewart!) The wind had scooped most of it in one swift move but we most definitely had the shot. We moved quickly into my first ever gun salute photograph, and it sure did deliver! What a unique photograph.

Dawn, Mike and I took full advantage of the now unexpected mild afternoon and headed out into the garden for some photographs before being announced into dinner, allowing everyone to get settled while we explored the gardens and still very visible autumn/winter colours. We knew we had been blessed with the bright winters afternoon after a few days of worrying wet weather. I think they will agree, it worked out perfectly.

Guest’s settled nicely into the delicately decorated Burghley Room with subtle candle lit centre pieces, and the smell of the delicious, and always incredibly presented wedding breakfast.

Sitting down to dinner with the wedding party, my family of course, was such a lovely touch. I felt like a guest too. Music playing and catching up was great fun! And the food was very welcomed! Its always delicious eating at the William Cecil. One of my firm favourites! Listening to the speeches was a lovely moment, Dawn and Mike have clearly found their soul mates within one other, and its clear for all to see. Ian, your speech may have been a tad too long, but we will let you off for that one. (It really was approx 6.7 seconds). But sweet nether the less.

Now, the first dance, absolutely beautiful. Dawn and Mike you were made to take each others hand on that floor and your laughter and smiles together just sealed the day. Bring in the Father of the Bride, and we have the funny faces and awesome dance moves from Ian. Next to take the hand of the new Mrs Hope was her lovely Step-Father Phil. It was such a sweet moment too.

The incredible talented Irish Rock band Emerald kicked off the evenings entertainment, and got the dance floor full. Its true to say they know how to party. The children jumping and knee sliding across the floor, well… it wouldn’t be the same without it!

Dawn and Mike … Its been a pleasure.

Heres to love, laughs and being together always.

Love Michelle