The Beauty of Bassmead

When you think about beginning to plan your wedding, most couples usually ensure your other projects in life are pretty much set so you can devote your time and energy to your wedding plans. Well, not the case for our Piersons, it’s just not their style.

Booking in their wedding photography and arranging their pre wedding shoot was a smooth process. You really had a feel of how relaxed Hayley and Steve were as a couple. The shoot was a hit and I instantly adored them both. My face hurt from laughing lots, they were a pretty awesome couple to shoot with. Catching up on plans and Hayley revealing Steve would be away with work for a lot of the planning, not only was she taking on the wedding planning with a newborn baby to look after (queue the gorgeous little Elsie) but she in fact decided now would be a fantastic time to open her very on Nursery too! Hello Superhuman!

Fast forward to the wedding day and having told Sally all about our Bride and Groom and just how ridiculously funny they are together. This was a wedding we were certainly looking forward to.

Bassmead Manor Barns is a wonderful wedding and events venue in St Neots, click the link and take a peek. It’s charming rustic feel with beautiful surroundings and very well manicured gardens make it the perfect venue to hold your special day.

Let’s get back to our wedding. It was no secret we were expecting a windy day and boy did we get it. Hayley and Steve couldn’t have cared less, a brilliant way to be. They didn’t let it bother them at all, and still were more than happy to be outside for photographs as planned. Our kind of Bride and Groom! Steve and his Groomsmen, super sharp in their suits keeping it cool, greeting guests as they arrived.

Morning prep with 3 bridesmaids and 4 little flower girls together would normally be quite hectic, but this was a well organised team. Everything in order, and organised perfectly. Not an ounce of stress from Hayley. Having the flower girls trying on Hayley shoes was super cute!

Over in the barn the Groomsmen were showing guests to their seats. Steve keeping it cool as always. I genuinely believe these two didn’t have any nerves at all, as they both were so calm!

Ceremonies are always so touching, and although I of course am taking photos I always listen to every word. I never tire of hearing both speak. Though here we are with the two most giggly, fun couple you could possible imagine. I don’t think I will ever forget the image of Steve’s calm and collected face break when he saw Elsie enter the barn.

Taking five minutes to themselves, the new Mr and Mrs Pierson headed upstairs while Sally and I waited for a little drop in the wind for the confetti shot to be something less than a twister of confetti disappearing with a few wedding hats too!

It of course was worth the wait.

Elsie was a dream all day, happily smiling in photographs and having lots of attention and cuddles too. Quite rightly too, she looked like a little princess. Giving us some beautiful shots I’m sure they will treasure always.

A huge thank you to the bridal party, you guys were awesome! Braving the wind to putting up with the cold, I’m also pretty sure it started spitting with rain at one point too. But you persevered and we’ve captured your friendship brilliantly.

Sally headed inside to calm away from the elements to photograph the barn reception area where every single detail had been taken care of. It is such a light and open space, one of my favourites to photograph. Elegantly finished to compliment the style of the wedding perfectly. The flowers were incredibly fresh and put together beautifully. Well done to Enchanted Flowers , for the barn and the reception room. Wooden cut names for table places, with the delicate infused welcome drinks to toast our happy couple.

Taking the newlyweds off for a stroll around Bassmead, as far as the wind would allow us without losing Hayley’s veil, was stomach busting for laughter. Steve has such a good sense of humour and Sally and I just fell right into it each time. As a photographer you can give direction of course, but its up to your client on how they deliver. One of the best couple sessions during a wedding for sure.

“Turn to look over your shoulder as if you’ve just seen someone”…I was asking for it really wasn’t I. Haha.

The speeches were delivered with so much humour and grace. Steve you again had so much energy and jokes, the entire room was with you. Hayley’s Dad a heartfelt look into Hayley growing up and how proud he was of his daughter.

As far as evening entertainment goes, wow. Have you ever heard of the incredible Ellie Sax? An international saxophone player with a twist. Steve and Hayley you chose incredibly well. As well as playing the most beautiful music to your wedding guests throughout the day, Ellie came back and ignited the reception with a lively saxophone tempo to all of the hits. Lit up, loud and proud Ellie was engaging in the wedding party with sass.

Thank you both, for not only being freaking awesome, but for making the entire day feel like we were celebrating with you. Thank you for feeding us the most amazing food (although we did bank on the nuggets and smiley faces we were promised by Steve), we settled for the delicious dinner served by the most attentive staff at Bassmead keeping us warm.

We wish you all the love and luck in the world.

Love Michelle and Sally.