The Crafty Chrimes and All Things Cherry Blossom

The day was finally here! Not only do I get to see beautiful and super talented second shooter Sally again, but I get to throw myself back into what I love doing most. Don’t get me wrong, I know this season will be a super busy one but I have been itching to get stuck into my weddings since my lovely cousins wedding in February. Its been too long! So, here we are, introductions done, equipment at the ready, bags of enthusiasm and after a big squeeze for Sally (I miss her when she’s not around), off we go.

An ancient Japanese legend says that if you fold one thousand origami cranes you will be granted a lifelong wish. Well, that is exactly what our Bride had done. Over 365 days, she had successfully made over 1000 of them. Delicately hung all around the tranquil Barnsdale Gardens, and following on into the reception venue of The Falcon Hotel in Uppingham. 

From the moment I met Lee and Vickie, I loved their vision for their perfect wedding day. Being huge fans of all things Japanese, blossom and creativity, for a spring time outdoor wedding, along the honeymoon booked for Japan what could be more perfect? (I did offer myself as a personal photographer for the exploring of Japan after the wedding of course, but unfortunately for me, being a photographer herself, Vickie had that covered).


The morning preparations under way remained calm and collected, I don’t think any couple have ever been as relaxed as Lee and Vickie! Even being in the same room at one point during the morning…behind a partition of course, but still within a few feet of one another. We popped into the reception room to capture some pictures before we went up to the Bride and her Bridemaids, and we were blown away. You could clearly see that the detailing had been created with so much thought, Vickie even personalising her own wedding gown with a subtle touch of colour to fit the theme.

Before long the Groomsmen and guests, along with Sally, began boarding the coach that would take them all to the ceremony over in Barnsdale. Bright skies and the warmer weather made for the perfect spring setting. With no sign of nerves from either, it was all moving along so smoothly.

The 20 minute drive to the gardens was through the most colourful of fields, teamed with the glorious spring sunshine. Everyone feels so good when the sun shines, its like a little piece of English summer…in March!

Back in January we visited the gardens, for a cuppa and catch up, and we all agreed January seemed so dull and the gardens quite bare, but excitedly talking about how we no doubt will be spoilt with the colour that spring always brings to the Gardens.

Back to today, and we were right! We truly were very lucky with the early heatwave of February that had taken care of todays setting for us. Vickie walked confidently through the gardens and up to the pathway where her Groom excitedly waited, clasping her bouquet, she didn’t look nervous at all. Drawing attention from those visiting for delicious tea and cake.

The vows emotionally spoken, included tears from both Mums who were with us inside beautiful little greenhouse where the marriage vows take place. Lending their tissue to the Bride as she succumbed to a little tear too! Family and friends dotted around the garden listening in. We even had a special little visitor perched on the wall during the ceremony. An extremely significant part of Vickie’s vision.

Their own personal vows were beautiful and extremely heartfelt, minutes later we had ourselves the new Mr and Mrs Chrimes…Queue the bubble guns and huge smiles!


Along with our newlyweds, Sally and I headed off to explore the gardens and take some of those blissful ‘just married’ snaps. Keen to capture them in as much floral and blossom filled space as we could. We didn’t have to look far! We were spoilt with endless visions of spring and this made for some pretty awesome photographs. The gardens has so many cute little bridges and corners we really could have spent hours capturing all of its beauty.

See below for the picture specifically requested for Lee’s work desk. Yes, we love it too! You’re a little legend Mrs Chrimes!

Usually us photographers take a back seat and let you eat with zero worry about having your photograph taken whilst popping a tasty wedding treat into your mouth! However, we were offered the most beautiful of places at the wedding breakfast, and our own extremely thoughtful (handmade of course) wedding favours. It also really helped when photographing the speeches between courses too!

To be treated to a full wedding breakfast, was very sweet! So its a huge thumbs up and thank you there from Sally and I to the lovely partners in Chrimes!

Now, who would have the crazy idea, amongst making over 1000 Japanese Origami, crafting all of the wedding favours, creating and hanging the decor, personalising a wedding gown and much much more to then give themselves the immense task of a choreographed first dance. NOW and only now did we see the nerves. Only from the Bride. Lee was as cool as a cucumber! Opening up the dance floor to their family and friends, confetti bombs exploding everywhere, we captured some epic moves before ending the day with our happy couple.

Lee, Vickie…Mr and Mrs Chrimes… thank you for having us. Thank you for ensuring we were well looked after and having been fed, watered and included in so much, we really felt as if we were part of your guest list! Keep being awesome.

Love Michelle and Sally